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A must read via Sarcass Stick πŸ™‚ I found my miracle .. Unfortunately its a teenage girl fighting 3rd stage cancer Before I start the note I would like you to know what I do because itll give you a better understanding of the story I am about to tell you. I run a page called Sarcass Stick. It started off with the tirades of a sarcastic comic character and later it turned into a page that is all about positivity with a touch of Pakistani humour. It consistently reminds you how awesome it is to be yourself no matter how stupid or full of flaws you think of yourself to be. The page really helps you get through your days. The second page I run is Match Stick which is an extension of my first page. It helps people find soulmates and friends via a system that I developed. _____________________________________________________ Sometimes in life you are anticipating a ping pong ball coming at you from the sky. So you think to yourself Oh its so tiny! I can take this with one hand but then the ball start coming closer and you realize its the size of a tennis ball. So you think Its not so bad Ill just use two hands instead of one and Ill be able to catch it. Then the ball comes closer and you think to yourself Well that looks like a volleyball maybe I should use my two hands to just bounce it back and toss it away. Finally that ball reaches a point when its 2 feet away from your face you realize it was not a ball at all. That was a meteor from space rushing towards you but its too late now even to realize that. . so BOOM! that is how life hits you when you least expect it. I am 3 days late in posting a note on my page because I could not contemplate my thoughts lately . . I did not know where to begin what to write But here I go . . I have this fan who would send me her deep writings from time to time and would ask me stuff like Why do people leave negative people? I would answer her and she would say But what if the person cant really throw the negativity away in a certain situation And I would think to myself pfft.. All of us can kick negativity in the ass if we really want to. I did not understand her queries but we talked. If I asked her how she was. Shed reply Just okay πŸ˜› and Id ask Just okay? and she would say Yes! Just okay.. Alive till now πŸ˜€ I did not apprehend what was going on until one day I got a message Hey there! I wanna say something πŸ˜› but it took her 3 hours to gather the courage for writing what she told me next. It was Actually it took me a lot of courage and a lot of time to think before messaging you.. I cant tell people much about myself and very few people know what Im going through.. Well you are truly an inspiration for me.. I am a patient suffering from 3rd stage brain cancer I have malignant tumours attached to the rear of my brain and now I am going through the painful processes of chemotherapy and after that radiotherapy.. I used to be very sad and depressed all the time.. It felt like I died a little every day.. I mean I used to fear death a lot and I still do because Im not so sure if Ill be able to survive this or not.. But the purpose of messaging you is that I wanted to say THANK YOU! Whenever I log into facebook the first thing I do is that I open your page and after that my mood uplifts and I cheer up β™₯ thank you for making me smile πŸ™‚ God will give you a big reward for this. I hope you stay happy forever. You know I have written down some of my last wishes πŸ˜€ One of the wishes is that I want to meet you at least once before I take my last breath or at least talk to you once πŸ˜€ Well I dont even know your name. PS Sorry for such a long message πŸ™‚ I sat there for a while with tears rolling down my eyes. I was thinking to myself Im just a person who throws random jokes and thoughts over the internet How can I be an inspiration for someone so brave? How can God make Meeting me the last wish for someone? and in that moment I felt that my life is complete. It changed. Everything from the very second I lifted my eyes after reading that message changed. We exchanged numbers immediately became friends. I wished so bad that she was a scam or that she was lying to me but it turned out she wasnt. She sent me her pre and post chemo pictures pictures of her parents her niece. She shared little details of her life with me. I did not know if I was even ready for this kind of friendship where I was more towards the hurting end. I mean stage 3 cancer is no joke. How will I cope with the pain if I lose her (God forbid)? So I talked to my best friend and he said Never turn away people that God sends towards you . . because God thinks you have something that they will absolutely need in the moment. . its an honour that someone like that has come to you.. be a good friend to her So I did become a good friend to her and heres what Ive learnt about Bunny in the past few days that is changing me as a person . . 1) Bunny does not like pity Apart from 4 people outside her family no one knows what she is going through. No friends in college no neighbours no random people NO ONE! People usually stop being friends with her because they think she is negative and she is okay with those people leaving because she knows that those people dont deserve to be in your life who cant understand something might be going on in your life. Bunny does not like self-pity as well. She does not feel sorry about herself and she does not want people to feel the same. So she does not tell people in the first place. She does not want to use her illness to gain affection. In the end God gave her this and He knows about what she is going through so what comfort will people bring? She is one strong believer! 2) Bunny does not fear death Bunny knows that it will be unrealistic of her to think that this fatal stage 3 cancer will miraculously turn around and leave her body. She has made peace with the fact that its not going anywhere. I thought I should give her some courage So I said.. Listen dont fear death.. Whenever your time comes hug the F out of that btch.. She said Right on! I am not afraid of anything at all. The only thing I fear the most is what will happen to my mom after Ive passed on. But everyone has to die someday.. What good will it bring to waste my time thinking about things that are bound to happen? 3) Cancer is not the worst thing Bunny has seen in her life When I say this.. I MEAN IT! Bunny has been through a lot. She has seen the death of her loved ones. She has seen things that hurt your soul not only your body. She has attempted to suicide numerous times in her life and that was before her cancer was diagnosed. Bunny has had a rough life in a short span of 19 years but none of it brings her down! 4) Bunny cannot see ungrateful people and sad lovers Two things that really annoy Bunny are the people who are so ungrateful about the life itself along with the sad lovers who think that their life has come to an end all because of one bad breakup. Bunny says if you are so unhappy with your life Shed be happy to exchange hers with yours and then shell put poison in your food because you dont even deserve that much life shes left with. She thinks everybody should start being grateful and less complaining. 5) Bunny is always happy she is able to see the best in things I have never seen Bunny sad or negative although she worries a lot that cancer has made her negative. I tell her that its her right to become that negative for what she is going through. She enjoys nature.. good weather.. clouds.. She writes.. she paints extraordinarily beautiful paintings.. She is really good at calligraphy.. She does not waste one day of her life. She does not take things for granted. She believes in leaving good memories of herself behind. She is not allowed to touch babies because of the radiations and risks of germs so she often gets sad for not being able to touch her niece. She keeps taking her photos instead and sometimes she even thanks God that she cant touch babies when her niece poops. We laugh about this a lot! 6) Bunny does not think her life should become stagnant now that she is sick Bunny goes to college. She is in her Fsc (11th grade). She obviously fails because its one thing to fight cancer and then its a whole other thing to pass Fsc. So she goes to college every day just to laugh with her class fellows talk and enjoy life. She has not stopped making new friends like she made me her friend. When she told her mother about me her mum said Thats really good but dont get too attached to which she replied light-heartedly What loss will I have to face by getting attached? Its you people who will cry eventually Ten things Bunny wants you to remember: I asked Bunny to write the MOST IMPORTANT ten lessons that she has learnt from her life and this is what she wrote: 1. Life is full of troubles but continuous struggles are the only thing that will get you through. All you need to do is keep going. 2. Not everyone is trustworthy. Even if you think they are. 3. No matter what grades are not more important than mental state of your child. The pressure to get good grades at times become more than a mental torture for a naive mind. 4. Nobody can replace the person who left. People will come and might even love us more and care for us more than that person who left ever did.. but we will still love and adore that missing person more. 5. Love can heal almost everything in life. Somebody's little deed of kindness will make a huge impact on someone's life. Never underestimate the power of love. 6. You dont need a person to tell you what to do all the time but sometimes you just need somebody to stay there while you make your way through. 7. Everybody cant understand you. People will try to be there as much as they can but at some point you'll get to see that only you can help yourself they can't even if they try to. 8. Not everything you WANT is what you can HAVE and sometimes life forces you to have things which you never wanted. 9. Some scars are on souls which do heal but really slowly. But we often forget scars do heal and yet leave their marks. 10. You can never understand what a person feels unless you're in their shoes. So nobody should judge how a person feels or what he/she's doing. Bunny came into my life like that meteor and has taught me so much in just a matter of days which nobody was able to teach me in years. She has taught me how to be happy how to be grateful how to not take little things in life for granted. She has taught me to laugh during the darkest days of my life to enjoy the smallest things in a day and above all she has taught me how to live! How to live in the moment. . She lives in a city that is far off from my city where I have no contacts . . Sometimes Im not sure if Id be able to meet her someday but we both cherish this bond we have greatly! Every night when I say good night to her I say to myself.. YES! Bunny made it today! I know for a fact that my best friend was wrong when he said Never turn away people that God sends towards you . . because God thinks you have something that they will absolutely need in the moment. . its an honour that someone like that has come to you.. be a good friend to her Because the night Bunny came into my life I had decided to give up! I could not see how my lame statuses were bringing a change in the world How my Match Stick page is bringing people together. I am jobless I am pathetic I am busier than an employed person via my pages and I earn nothing! So I thought lets open my inbox for one last time and then deactivate everything. Thats when I found her message and that is why she is my miracle. God did not send her my way because I have something and she needed it. It was because she has something that I needed in that moment. Its an honour to have her in my life. Isnt that the essence of life HAVE FAITH IN GOD? Have faith in destiny fate or anything you like to believe in? Someday someone might walk in your life and turn your world upside down for good. I know that Bunny is not eternal. I am not eternal. I often tell her here we are worrying that you have stage 3 cancer but the truth is I can die before you for a very stupid reason because thats how life is. I know that Bunny may have lesser probability of outliving me physically but she will always stay alive in my heart for the role she has played in my life. I might die too but the people who are reading this will know the untold story of Bunny and she will remain alive in them as well. Then all those people would die too but this note will remain forever. Even if facebook dies years later we hope that this data on the cloud is picked up by future humans and read. I was wrong about one more thing… Bunny is eternal! Bunny is my strength.. Be like Bunny β™₯ Cheers to all the bunnies out there in the world who make us realize what life is worth πŸ™‚ Leave a comment below in support of Bunny Shed absolutely love it β™₯

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